A Year of Programs

Children are precious gifts to you and they are treasured at CCDC. Beginning with infant tender loving care through lively school age activities, we welcome you and your children here. We love to watch them learn and grow over the time they are in our care. Join us at school!




In the absence of the parent, a child requires a consistent group of people who will see to his/her basic needs and make him/her feel safe and loved. 

Our goals for this age level are to develop a positive self-image by helping him/her become successful at tasks, to show genuine interest in each child as an individual, and to maintain a positive loving relationship.



A continuation of the previous program, the toddler program takes a more active approach to the child's development. Creative Child Development Center (CCDC) strives to form a positive self-image through the development of competence and self-esteem. 

Consistency is an all-important factor in providing the confidence which entices the child to explore his/her world.



From the beginning, the discovery of a child's world is an exciting adventure. Consequently, CCDC involves children in a joyful, absorbing, and growing awareness of their world and of the Creator who made them and loves them.

CCDC's balanced program provides both passive and active experiences which help children mature physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially as appropriate for their individual development level.



At this level a child's awareness expands rapidly. So, his/her growing self-awareness and increasing discovery of others is considered in program planning. CCDC's basic concept is to provide a child with a wholistic approach to learning: social, physical, mental, and emotional development.

Established to meet the standards set by the Indiana Department of Public Welfare, CCDC's curriculum prepares children for entry into area public and private schools.

School Age


A relaxed after-school program is provided. Fitness, fun, co-op discovery projects, language arts, music, special events, quiet activities, arts and crafts are just a few of the many programs and events that a child will find available during the summer. 

Students may also receive help in doing school homework. 

Program Highlights

In our programs you will see ...

** Frequent, positive, warm interaction among adults and children.

** Up-to-date learning methods with Centers including Whole Language, Creative Writing, Math Your Way (using manipulatives), Science, Health, Computers, Music, Foreign Language, and Art.

** Planned learning activities appropriate to the child's age and development including block building, painting, story time, and active outdoor play.

** Specially trained teachers.

** Enough adults to respond to individual children.

** Many and varied age-appropriate materials.

** A healthy and safe environment for children.

** Nutritious meals and snacks.

** Regular communication with parents (who are welcome visitors at all times).